At your next event, try something new. Plan a golf ball drop, a fun alternative to standard cash prize drawings at a dinner or receptions. Here’s how it works: (Not just Golf outings, Since people do not have to be present at the drop, It can be done at a Ball field, halftime at a football game and even in the middle of a back yard (Closest to the Pin, No hole)

1. Hand out numbered tickets to program participants that correspond to printed numbers of golf balls or just enter there name and number on a spread sheet. Participants can buy as many balls as they prefer.

2. Gather all the golfers near one putting green on the course, or field, or just film the results. 

3. Our drone will be positioned right above the green or stick in a field.

4. Drop drops the golf balls onto the green from the drone. The greater the number of golf balls, the more impressive the drop.

5. Identify your winners. Once all the balls land, have participants gather near the pin to see what numbered golf balls landed closest. The participants holding the corresponding numbered ticket wins the prize!

Golf ball drops are great ideas for fundraising events. Participants purchase tickets for $20 or $25, or 2 for 40, or any idea you can come up with.  The “winner”, or winners with the ball closest to the pin gets a prize and the Balance goes to the charity.

Consider multiple winning categories. For the grand prizes, you could award half of the pot of the sales! You could also have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to encourage more participation. For example, award a smaller prize to the owner of the ball that lands furthest from the hole! The possibilities are endless.

6. We also recommend selling balls to people who will not be at the outing, Some people reserve balls 1 to 350 for the outing, and then have people from the origination sell more balls. Say person 1 sells from 351 to 450, Person 2 sells 451 to 550, Person 3 sells 551 to 660, etc. up to 1100, Then keep a spreadsheet to keep track of the balls sold, We can drop a total to 725 balls in one drop. and will have the availability to put in the balls that were sold. Example from your spreadsheet will only put in the balls sold (say person 1 only sells balls from 351 to 399) 

Philadelphia Golf Ball Drop, Delaware County Golf Ball Drop.

Riddle Hospital 2019 Pro-Am Golf Classic at Dupont CC from Computer Center of North America on Vimeo.

2019 Delaware County Community College Golf Classic Drone Golf Ball Drop from Computer Center of North America on Vimeo.

National Hemophilia Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter Golf Classic

The 2018 Delaware County Community College Golf Classic ball drop from Computer Center of North America on Vimeo.

Philadelphia Golf ball Drop

Golf Ball Drop! Sell the balls for $20 each. Number the balls and give each purchaser a receipt with the number of their ball. On the advertised day, the balls will be dropped via drone. The owner of the ball closest to the designated pin or hole wins the cash prize.

Philadelphia Golf ball Drop
Golf Ball Drop Via Drone

Jefferson Health Ball Drop 2018 from Computer Center of North America on Vimeo.